Chiropractic is the most widely-trusted form of alternative medicine due to the fact that it uses fundamentally scientific concepts to create treatments for a plethora of afflictions. Chiropractic has a long history and it is important to understand the underlying history that gave birth to chiropractic so that you may better understand the treatment that can potentially improve your life and make you a healthier person.

The care of the spine had always been practiced by cultures ranging from the Greeks to the Chinese. However, it was not until the industrial revolution and the pursuit of knowledge that new methods were explored. Among the many new methods explored were magnetism, herbalism, etc. Additionally, this new exploration combined with newfound scientific knowledge made it necessary for new methods to have some root in science. This led to Daniel David Palmer exploring a new method that would later be called chiropractic. He sought to treat the human body through the treatment of the spine, which is connected to the nervous system and, as a result, the rest of the human body. From then on, chiropractic gained prominence as a treatment option for many ailments. Additionally, many physicians recommend chiropractic as a supplementary form of therapy for conditions as serious as cancer. Those who practice chiropractic have a deep commitment to professionalism and treating the human body through a therapy with decades of experience to back it up. It is important to know that chiropractic can eliminate a 10 year pain in as little as 3 months; which goes to show the limitations of traditional medicine in certain cases.

The most important aspect in chiropractic that has been present since its creation is the true concern for the well-being of others. Chiropractic was developed with the desire to find an alternative method of treating the body. It was this desire, combined with years of exploration and the honing of the science, that led to modern chiropractic and the thousands of practitioners that are known today.

Family First Chiropractic and Wellness Center knows that San Diego is the best place to live! Dr. Payton and Dr. Dawn brought their chiropractic practice to San Diego after practicing in Austin, TX for many years.  They experienced the healthy, active lifestyle that defines San Diego and reinforces their belief in holistic, natural healing. Upper cervical care continues to be their chiropractic specialty and they have earned a reputation of excellence in San Diego for treating adults, children, athletes and seniors. They are proud to be San Diego Chiropractors and share their knowledge and passion for chiropractic care with their clients.


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