Lasting Relief from Vertigo and Dizziness with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Did you know that hundreds of patients in case studies have found genuine relief from recurring vertigo and dizziness following upper cervical chiropractic care? What is it about this chiropractic sub-specialty that makes it such an effective way to experience fewer and less severe vertigo bouts or even to become completely vertigo-free? It’s all about understanding the connection between the neck and balance.

How the Neck Relates to Treatment For Vertigo and Dizziness

There are several ways in which an upper cervical misalignment can create the conditions in the body that cause vertigo or other forms of dizziness.

  • Ear function – The most direct way an upper cervical misalignment can cause vertigo is by affecting ear function since this is one of the key parts of the body for processing spatial orientation. If the misalignment causes changes in the soft tissue that affect the eustachian tubes, the ears can’t drain properly. The excess fluid, in turn, can cause vertigo.
  • Brainstem function – When the atlas (top bone in the neck) becomes misaligned, it can place pressure on the brainstem. This component of the central nervous system plays a key role in messages being sent throughout the body, it can affect how the body interprets signals regarding balance and spatial orientation, thus leading to dizziness or vertigo.
  • Cerebral blood flow – When the cervical spine is misaligned, it can affect blood flow to the brain. This is because these vertebrae of the neck help to transport blood by means of loops of bone called the vertebral foramen, which provide a safe route for the arteries. If certain parts of the brain are not receiving sufficient oxygen, this can result in central nervous system causes of vertigo such as migraines.

Natural Vertigo Relief in San Diego, CA

If an upper cervical misalignment is at the heart of your recurring vertigo, then Family First Chiropractic can help. We specialize in upper cervical care, providing precisely measured adjustments in a safe and gentle manner. To learn more about what we can do to help with vertigo and dizziness, give us a call at 858-279-1012 or request your free consultation online.