“Family First has been my first and only experience within the Chiropractic community, so I don’t really have a control to judge it against. What I can say, however, is that the experience has been fantastic.”

“The vibe is friendly and light and all the patients and staff seem to genuinely enjoy being there and interacting with one another. Brenda at the front desk is extremely pleasant and engaging with everyone, which is a nice alternative to everyone just staring at their smart phone or pretending to read a magazine (I am normally that person). Dr. Dawn and Dr. Payton are friendly and knowledgeable. They always ask me how I am doing and make me feel like they really care about me and my health. They explain everything to me, in plain English, and make sure I understand what and why they do everything they do.”

“Since starting care my neck, back, and body in general feel much better. Thanks Docs!! Dr. Dawn also gave me some advice on kombucha and it’s health benefits and is helping set me up with a multi vitamin and a few other supplements.”

Bryan, La Jolla



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