“On June 11, 2011 I was struck from behind on my bicycle by a drunk driver. I can remember the pain as if it were yesterday. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk and all I could see was red. Once at the hospital I was told I had broken a few vertebrae amongst other injuries. What struck me the most was that the doctor kept repeating “it’s a miracle you didn’t die, but an even greater one you weren’t paralyzed. Someone must really love you!” At the time I didn’t think God loved me at all. I couldn’t bend my knees to walk so I had to use a walker for several weeks. I couldn’t bathe myself without help. I woke up for months in sweats. Everything “normal” about me had been taken away. How could God possibly love me, to allow me to suffer every day? Then He brought me you..

My neurosurgeon had no idea why I decided to start completing Chiropractic care. According to him, since I rated myself an “2” on a 1-10 scale of improvement, I was nothing but fine. How little did I know that “fine” wasn’t good enough. I wore a back brace for two months to help cure my pain, and it only took you two weeks to not only cure it, but to lessen every other symptom I had; Migraines, Numbness, night sweats. I no longer have to worry about asthma either. Sometimes I would cry because the pain would resurface whenever I thought too hard about the accident. But then within a minute I could cry because you took it all away. Over the months, the only thing I ever looked forward to was to be adjusted. It’s the best moment when within two minutes, a deep breath of air tells me I’m back to normal. It’s even better when I can hold the adjustment longer. I’ll get there. But there’s no way I’d even be where I am now, functionally, if it wasn’t for you. My vertebrae was 0.7% away from being compressed enough to cause paralysis. And here I am…crying again.

You will never understand the love I have for you healing me…For curing me.”


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