“To all you skeptics out there, this place is great. I have an ongoing problem with numbness in the toes of my left foot, I guess its an issue with a pinched nerve that causes the numbness and radiates pain down my leg. Sometimes the pain is bearable and other times its so bad it feels like you’re getting a root canal done with no anesthesia.”

“Well, needless to say, I have tried everything (acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractors, cortisone shots, strong pain killers, etc.) & nothing helped.My doctor suggested surgery; I scuba dive regularly and love to jog and go to the gym and I wasn’t letting anybody mess with my back. A friend recommended Family First Chiropractic, since I tried it all I did not want to go but he said ‘Trust me, go there’ so I went.”

“This place is Bloody AMAZING; Drs. Dawn & Peyton are just great. They don’t push and pull and twist you in positions and then jump on you till you feel your bones breaking and the doctor says, ‘There, doesn’t that feel great’ and you nodding and saying yes like a fool and all you want is to do the same to them and see how they feel. Here they first scan your back and neck and find the areas that are bothering you, then they treat you by tweaking your spine with little instruments and you think ‘Are you kidding me’ but it works and it works great.””

“You have to go regularly though and be consistent, and they adjust your spine until it’s all aligned and you will see the changes when you get scanned again a couple of weeks later. Since I started going there about 2 months ago, I have almost had no pain at all anywhere in my leg, the numbness is about 50% less and its getting better and I feel great. I am a general contractor, and I need to stay fit so I can do the kind of work I do. These people are the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Roy, University City


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