Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Whitney and her husband Josh were existing patients when they found out they were expecting a new addition to their family!  Throughout her pregnancy she started noticing the benefits from getting adjusted. She started attending childbirth classes and was surprised to hear how uncomfortable the other mothers were. She did experience nausea but it was minimal, she didn’t seem to feel as exhausted all the time as most of the mothers in her class. Even with a quickly changing body her aches and pains were very few. Many of the mothers experienced heartburn all the time… she had very little. Chiropractic was the only difference between her and the other mothers.

Now in her third trimester she is grateful that she has had such a comfortable and easy pregnancy compared to the other mothers! Whitney attests this to her regular chiropractic adjustments. Getting adjusted will help shorten labor times and she is eager to see the results of having a balanced nervous system and well adjusted body.


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