Each Family Member Evaluated for Individual Treatment

Karin originally came to our practice for some minor aches and pains. She also brought her daughter, Ella, in for a natural approach to ADD/ADHD.  After learning about the importance of the nervous system, she decided to get the rest of the family checked for Subluxations.

After only one month, the changes they have noticed were quite wonderful! Karin is now pain-free and reports feeling more balanced. Additionally, Ella is now completely off her ADHD medication! She is doing just as good off the medications as she was on them, without the negative side effects! Her teachers say she is doing fantastic thanks to getting adjusted and using doTerra essential oils. Not only is Ella more focused, her gymnastics performance has also improved.

Paul, Karin’s husband, is a dentist and spends his days hunched over patients. Because of this, he was dealing with pain in his back and neck. After just a few visits he felt a significant reduction in pain and reports that it’s getting better every day!

Their son, Colin, was also evaluated.  He is growing very well and did not need any treatment at this time.

Their daughter, Audrey, was also evaluated and the doctors found what could have been a serious, future spinal problem.  She had a reversed curve and a rare condition that could have led to early degeneration.  Thankfully, children heal very quickly and her posture is already improving!

The entire family is sleeping better and has more energy.  We absolutely love when we can help every family member in their own, unique way!


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