Sarah, our amazing Crossfit personal trainer, spends her day helping people strengthen their bodies. A couple years ago she started noticing pain in her lower back and hips. When it started hindering her fitness training and daily life she knew she had to do something about it. Dr. Dawn had been training with Sarah for a few months so she decided to come see what Family First could do to help. She started care in July of 2013. Shortly after her back pain completely disappeared, she also noticed her back felt stronger and more secure while weight lifting. Another improvement she saw was when doing squats; her hips no longer shift to one side like they did before. She still sees the doctors 1-2 times per week by choice so that she can keep a healthy body, spine, and nervous system while she lifts! After seeing these great improvements to her own health, Sarah decided to have her son Everett, and husband Greg checked for subluxations. She’s also sent many other fellow Crossfit members to our practice and for that we are truly grateful to Sarah for helping us help the Crossfit community!


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