The immune system is your body’s way of defending itself against the outside world.  It is a complicated network of structures and biologically adaptive processes that keep you healthy. The immune system is arguable the most important system in the human body, since it defends each and everyone of it’s complicated systems.

However, sometimes the immune system encounters a problem by either being too weak or by functioning in a manner that is the opposite of what is desired; For example, you may be more likely to get a cold or even suffer from allergies. A weak immune system can be caused by:

  • Not Drinking Enough Water   
  • Not Sleeping   
  • Stress   
  • Overactive Lifestyle
  • Consuming Drugs and Alcohol   
  • Lack of Exercise

Taking steps to improve your immune system becomes an important part of your everyday life. While taking steps to prevent the above is a good way to start, there are other methods to improve the state of your immune system and turn yourself into a much healthier person.

Chiropractic has been linked to improved immune system since its inception. Since chiropractic treats every facet of the human body, the fact that it affects the immune system in a positive manner is to be expected. Chiropractic has been seen to reduce the severity of allergies while also significantly lowering the rate at which a person suffers from a cold. those who practice chiropractic have also seen the adoption of a much healthier lifestyle which by definition strengthens the immune system and the rest of the human body.

Family First Chiropractic

Family First Chiropractic and Wellness Center knows that San Diego is the best place to live! Dr. Payton and Dr. Dawn brought their chiropractic practice to San Diego after practicing in Austin, TX for many years.  They experienced the healthy, active lifestyle that defines San Diego and reinforces their belief in holistic, natural healing. Upper cervical care continues to be their chiropractic specialty and they have earned a reputation of excellence in San Diego for treating adults, children, athletes and seniors. They are proud to be San Diego Chiropractors and share their knowledge and passion for chiropractic care with their clients.


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