The quality care received from the doctors at Family First has significantly contributed to my health & happiness. My health was already good before receiving upper cervical care to correct a kink in my neck and to remedy an incorrect curvature in my neck, however, I’m fond of saying that the treatment provided over a 3 month period took my health from adequate to excellent. Specifically, tightness & discomfort in my shoulders that had been present for 10 years was completely resolved. In addition, an increase in energy and improvement in sleep was noted. The free workshops provided by the doctors also educated me on several helpful points of nutrition of which I had previously been unaware.

As to the care itself, treatment is thorough, with every step explained beforehand. This was important to me as I gained the understanding that upper cervical care is gentle and unlike other styles of chiropractic care which involve forcible manipulations of the spine (which I would not be comfortable with). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, everyone at Family First engages in their work with genuine care, compassion, empathy, clear communication and a high level of skill.

Tia, El Cajon


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